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xxxx For Most of Your Structural Analysis and Design Needs - Aerospace and Composites a Specialty - Architectural Structural Engineering - Nastran, Ansys, and LS-Dyna3D Expertise - Nastran License with Femap Pre/Post - Kenneth F. Deyo Jr - Engineering Consultant - Resume - Extensive user of spreadsheets and hand calculations for analyses and for finite element model results checking - Software Experience - Finite Element - Nastran Ansys LS-Dyna3D Femap Pre/Post 2D CAD Cadra Cadam ME10 3D IronCad Solid Designer Hydrocode CTH LS-Dyna3D Zeus Mathcad Working Model 2D WM scripts Excel VBA scripts Education M.S. Mechanical Engineering - Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Troy NY B.S. Licenses Connecticut Licensed Professional Engineer Employment GKN Westland Aerospace Wallingford CT Analysis of jet engine nacelle structures Static stress analysis of composite and metal components Crack growth analysis of metal fittings Non-linear Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis contact large deflection and buckling Ensign-Bickford Company Simsbury explosively loaded components Aerospace Ground-Based Tactical Systems explosives Oil and Gas Commercial Blasting applications Hydrocode analysis of explosively loaded components equation of state EOS FEA JWL BKW PETN HMX RDX HNS lead azide transient thermal metallic non-metallic Random vibration shock mechanical systems electronic assemblies plasticity Kinematic fuze assembly Dynamic rocket-towed minefield breaching systems mine-field Blast shield shop safety fixtures Sikorsky Aircraft Corp Stratford United Technologies corporation design helicopter rotor blades rotor heads rotating rotors loads Prediction flight fatigue test support centrifugal loading Natural frequency tailoring vibration reduction sheet-metal overhaul and repair instructions ORI Disposition discrepant parts MRB material review board flutter aeroelastic consult consulting contract contractor contracting classical homebuilt home-built home built primary airplane biplane aviation wing spar stability control calculate performance vehicle aerodynamic concrete foundation retaining wall code review plain reinforced steel aisc timber lumber lvl wood roof beam aci 318 nds